Goal:  To be prepared for a four night, five day enjoyable camp experience

Bedding:  Our cabins provide each camper with their own bunk and mattress pad.  Please bring either a sleeping bag or set of pillow, sheets, and blanket.

Basketball Gear:  Several t-shirts for play, basketball shorts, plenty of socks, and two pairs of sneakers in case of one pair fouling out

Swimming:  Beach towel, swimwear, sunscreen, and sandals

Casual:  T-shirts, shorts, hoodie & sweat pants for cool weather, and rain coat for rainy days

Team Cabin & Shower Needs:  Towel, shampoo, and soap

Personal:  Deodorant, bug spray, and small fan if desired (no hair dryers or large electric items)

Money:  No money needed!  See Camp Store for setting up a debit account.

Electronics:  No cell phones or other electronic devices allowed at Hoop Camp to protect privacy of campers

Medications:  Please check in all medications with Camp Nurse after you sign-in with your Counselor in your assigned cabin

*Please note that only bottles of water are permitted in cabins. No food allowed to avoid unwanted visitors from nature.

Checking-in on the Sunday of your session will look different this year.

  1. Your camper must arrive with a copy of a vaccination card OR proof of a Negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test result administered within 72 hours of arrival
    1. NOTE: Antibody test results will not be accepted
  2. Check-in will occur at 1 p.m.
  3. Check-in to-do list: 
    1. Arrive at camp at 1 p.m.
    2. Share a copy of your vaccination card OR Negative COVID-19 PCR/antigen test administered within the last 72 hours with a member of our senior staff to receive your cabin assignment
    3. Meet your counselor in your assigned cabin
      1. Non-vaccinated campers – temperature check and health screening questions
      2. Review policies and procedures
      3. Unpack at your assigned bed
    4. Drop any and all medications off with the Camp Nurse
    5. Campers proceed to the main courts or dome for player evaluations
    6. Parents proceed to the front lawn or main lodge rec hall for a parent meeting

NOTE:  No requests for cabin assignments will be honored.  

The Camp’s closing ceremony will begin at Noon on the Thursday of your camper’s session.  Please do not arrive earlier than Noon.

After the closing ceremony, parents will meet their camper and counselor at the cabin, pack your camper’s belongings, and sign-out.

  1. All valuables, including cell phones and other electronic devices, should be left home with parents.
  2. Any money must be deposited in the Camp Store via PayPal in the week prior to attendance.  Families will receive an email prompting them to make this deposit.
  3. Any medications must be left with the Camp Nurse.

Parents may drop off their camper at 1 p.m. on Sunday of your camper’s session and stay through a parent meeting at 1:30.  Parents may return at Noon on the Thursday of your camper’s session with check-out occuring at 12:30 with your camper’s counselor in his or her cabin.  

Parents or other family members are not allowed at camp other than at those times.

Please note that you must sign your camper in and sign your camper out with the counselor at drop-off and pick-up respectively.

Cabin assignments are made by alphabetical order dispersed across cabins.  E.g., cabin A gets the first A, cabin B gets the second A, cabin C gets the third A.  This is done by last name.

Additionally, part of the overnight camp experience is so our campers can build social and communication skills, instill confidence, and learn how to make new friends.

We do not accept cabin requests.

Get directions by clicking HERE or use the map below to better familiarize yourself.

1 Hoop Camp Drive, Casco, Maine