The Waterfront

Pleasant Lake provides a beautiful water playground for all Hoop Campers. Led by certified lifesaving staff, campers enjoy splash basketball play, swimming, and kayaking. Campers are orientated to waterfront rules, safety and tested before allowed into the Outer Pool.

The Camp Store

The Camp Store will operate slightly differently this year. We will still open three times a day for campers to enjoy drinks and snacks, and purchase Hoop Camp gear. But deposits and refunds will be made electronically using PayPal. We are still developing the system, but a week before your camper’s session each family will receive an email prompting them to make a Camp Store deposit. After camp closes families will be reimbursed via PayPal.

Dear Parents,

Money balances left over at the end of your son or daughter's sessions may be donated to the Winter Foundation here at Hoop Camp. Due to time and cost any money balances not picked up at the end of a session will be considered a donation to the Winter Foundation.