1. Up to 90 campers will be enrolled in each session
    1. Full payment, completion of the on-line registration form, and electronic submission of the 2021 medical form secure your spot.
    2. If the State of Maine requires us to have fewer than 90 campers then campers will be admitted in order of secured enrollment (as defined above in 1a).  All other campers would receive a full refund in this circumstance.
    3. Each session will have one or two cohorts depending on overall enrollment and the number of vaccinated campers.  The camp program within your camper’s cohort will be like any other summer and require no masking or social distancing.
  2. The remainder of our 2021 COVID policies, procedures, and protocols will be updated as the State of Maine changes its regulations, the American Camping Association (ACA) revises its best-practice recommendations, or the Maine Youth Camping Association (MYCA) advises us.
    1. Any COVID-related policy change will be shared with all enrolled families and on our FaceBook.
    2. Please see our 2021 refund policy for all questions on refunds.
  3. As of June 20, 2021, Hoop Camp will require all campers to receive a Negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test within 72 hours of the session in which he/she is enrolled OR bring a copy of a vaccination card.
  4. At drop-off the parent and his or her camper, after providing a copy of a vaccination card OR a negative COVID test result conducted within 72 hours of arrival, will be directed to their assigned cabin.  Your son or daughter’s counselor will:
    1. For non-vaccinated campers, administer a temperature check and record the result and your son or daughter’s answers to a series of health screening questions.
    2. Review camp policies and procedures, answer questions, direct you to a bunk, and get your signature on the sign-in sheet.
  5. Arrival occurs at 1 p.m. on the Sunday of your session
  6. For non-vaccinated campers, daily health screening will be conducted each morning prior to cabin departure for breakfast.
    1. Temperatures will be checked and the same set of health questions will be answered by each camper and recorded by the Counselor.
    2. Any camper exhibiting COVID symptoms will be sent to an isolation area until his or her parents arrive to take them home.
    3. Enrollment in camp signifies a parent’s agreement to get a COVID PCR or antigen test for his or her camper if they are sent home because of COVID symptoms, and to share the results of that test with the Camp Nurse so she can begin any necessary contact tracing.
    4. Any campers sent home for COVID symptoms or contact tracing WILL NOT receive a refund.   
  7. Closing ceremonies occur at Noon on the Thursday of your camper’s session and check-out will happen in your camper’s cabin at 12:30.